Fish and wildlife recommendation

(ii) Fish and wildlife recommendation means any recommendation designed to protect, mitigate damages to, or enhance any wild member of the animal kingdom, including any migratory or nonmigratory mammal, fish, bird, amphibian, reptile, mollusk, crustacean, or other invertebrate, whether or not bred, hatched, or born in captivity, and includes any egg or offspring thereof, related breeding or spawning grounds, and habitat. A fish and wildlife recommendation includes a request for a study which cannot be completed prior to licensing, but does not include a request that the proposed project not be constructed or operated, a request for additional pre-licensing studies or analysis or, as the term is used in 4.34(e)(1) and 4.34(f)(3), a recommendation for facilities, programs, or other measures to benefit recreation or tourism.


18 CFR § 4.30

Scoping language

(1) This subpart applies to applications for preliminary permit, license, or exemption from licensing.
(2) Any potential applicant for an original license for which prefiling consultation begins on or after July 23, 2005 and which wishes to develop and file its application pursuant to this part, must seek Commission authorization to do so pursuant to the provisions of part 5 of this chapter.

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