Evidences of indebtedness.

Evidences of indebtedness. For purposes of subparagraph (1)(iv) of this paragraph, the term evidence of indebtedness shall mean a note, installment sales contract, a time bill of exchange evidencing a sale on credit, or similar written instrument executed by an unrelated person which evidences the obligation of an unrelated person to pay for export property which an unrelated person purchases for use, consumption, or disposition outside the United States or to pay for services described in section 971(b)(2) or (3) and paragraph (b)(1)(iv), (v), or (vi) of this section which are performed for an unrelated person. Receivables which arise out of the delivery of export property, or the performance of services, which are evidenced by invoices, bills of lading, bills of exchange which do not evidence a sale on credit, sales slips, and similar documents created by the unilateral act of a creditor shall not be considered evidences of indebtedness for purposes of section 971(c)(4).


26 CFR § 1.971-1

Scoping language

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