Extension of credit

Extension of credit to an affiliate means the making or renewal of a loan, the granting of a line of credit, or the extending of credit in any manner whatsoever, including on an intraday basis, to an affiliate. An extension of credit to an affiliate includes, without limitation:
(1) An advance to an affiliate by means of an overdraft, cash item, or otherwise;
(2) A sale of Federal funds to an affiliate;
(3) A lease that is the functional equivalent of an extension of credit to an affiliate;
(4) An acquisition by purchase, discount, exchange, or otherwise of a note or other obligation, including commercial paper or other debt securities, of an affiliate;
(5) Any increase in the amount of, extension of the maturity of, or adjustment to the interest rate term or other material term of, an extension of credit to an affiliate; and
(6) Any other similar transaction as a result of which an affiliate becomes obligated to pay money (or its equivalent).


12 CFR § 223.3

Scoping language

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