Total debt,

Total debt, with respect to a borrower, means:
(1) In the case of an automobile loan, the sum of:
(i) All monthly housing payments (rent- or mortgage-related, including property taxes, insurance and home owners association fees); and
(ii) Any of the following that is dependent upon the borrower's income for payment:
(A) Monthly payments on other debt and lease obligations, such as credit card loans or installment loans, including the monthly amount due on the automobile loan;
(B) Estimated monthly amortizing payments for any term debt, debts with other than monthly payments and debts not in repayment (such as deferred student loans, interest-only loans); and
(C) Any required monthly alimony, child support or court-ordered payments; and
(2) In the case of a commercial loan, the outstanding balance of all long-term debt (obligations that have a remaining maturity of more than one year) and the current portion of all debt that matures in one year or less.


12 CFR § 373.14

Scoping language

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