Instructor engineer,

Instructor engineer, as used in this part:
(1) Means a person who has demonstrated, pursuant to the railroad's written program, an adequate knowledge of the subjects under instruction and, where applicable, has the necessary operating experience to instruct effectively in the field, and has the following qualifications:
(i) Is a certified locomotive engineer under this part; and
(ii) Has been selected as such by a designated railroad officer, in concurrence with the designated employee representative, where present, to teach others proper train handling procedures; or
(iii) In absence of concurrence provided in paragraph (1)(ii) of this definition, has a minimum of 12 months service working in the class of service for which the person is designated to instruct.
(2) If a railroad does not have designated employee representation, then a person employed by the railroad need not comply with paragraph (1)(ii) or (iii) of this definition to be an instructor engineer.


49 CFR § 240.7

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As used in this part -

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