Relevant factors.

(A) Relevant factors. For purposes of this paragraph (c)(3)(ii), the following factors are not exclusive, but are relevant factors in determining whether allocation and distribution rights with respect to capital contributed by an API Holder are reasonably consistent with allocation and distribution rights of persons meeting the Unrelated Non-Service Partner requirement: The amount and timing of capital contributed, the rate of return on capital contributed, the terms, priority, type and level of risk associated with capital contributed, and the rights to cash or property distributions during the partnership's operations and on liquidation. Accordingly, an allocation to an API Holder will not fail to qualify solely because the allocation is subordinated to allocations made to Unrelated Non-Service Partners, because an allocation to an API Holder is not reduced by the cost of services provided by the API Holder or a Related Person to the partnership, where the cost of services provided includes management fees or API allocations, or because an API Holder has a right to receive tax distributions while Unrelated Non-Service Partners do not, where such distributions are treated as advances against future distributions.


26 CFR § 1.1061-3

Scoping language

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