Related terminal income

Related terminal income (1)In general.Related terminal income is, generally, the type of income normally earned from the operation of a railroad terminal. The termrelated terminal incomemeans the taxable income (computed without regard to sections 172, 277, or 281) which the terminal railroad corporation derives for the taxable year from the sources enumerated inparagraph (b)(2)of this section. Related terminal income must be derived from direct provision of the specified facilities or services by the terminal corporation itself. Thus, income consisting of rent from a lease of a terminal facility by a terminal corporation to a railroad user would qualify; but dividends from a corporation in which the terminal corporation owned stock and which provided such facilities or services to others would not qualify. The term does not include gain or loss derived from the sale, exchange, or other disposition of capital assets or section 1231 assets, whether or not section 1245 or section 1250 applies to part or all of that gain. For example, the term does not apply to gain from the sale of a terminal building or terminal equipment. All direct and indirect expenses and other deductible items attributable to related terminal services or facilities shall be deducted in determining related terminal income. Attribution shall be determined in accordance with customary railroad accounting practices accepted by the Interstate Commerce Commission, except that interest paid with respect to the indebtedness of a terminal railroad corporation shall be deducted from related terminal income to the extent that the proceeds from the indebtedness were directly or indirectly applied to facilities or activities producing such income. The district director may either accept the use of the taxpayer's method of determining the application of the proceeds of all indebtedness of such corporation or prescribe the use of another method which, under all the facts and circumstances, appears to reflect more accurately the probable application of such proceeds.


26 CFR § 1.281-3

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