Seasonal farmworker

Seasonal farmworker means an individual who is employed, or was employed in the past 12 months, in farmwork (as defined in this section) of a seasonal or other temporary nature and is not required to be absent overnight from his/her permanent place of residence. Non-migrant individuals who are full-time students are excluded. Labor is performed on a seasonal basis where, ordinarily, the employment pertains to or is of the kind exclusively performed at certain seasons or periods of the year and which, from its nature, may not be continuous or carried on throughout the year. A worker who moves from one seasonal activity to another, while employed in farmwork, is employed on a seasonal basis even though he/she may continue to be employed during a major portion of the year. A worker is employed on other temporary basis where he/she is employed for a limited time only or his/her performance is contemplated for a particular piece of work, usually of short duration. Generally, employment which is contemplated to continue indefinitely is not temporary.


20 CFR § 651.10

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions set forth in sec. 3 of WIOA, the following definitions apply to the regulations in parts 652, 653, 654, and 658 of this chapter:

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