Oil-fired means:
(1) For all purposes under the Acid Rain Program, except part 75 of this chapter, the combustion of:
(i) Fuel oil for more than 10.0 percent of the average annual heat input during the previous three calendar years or for more than 15.0 percent of the annual heat input during any one of those calendar years; and
(ii) Any solid, liquid or gaseous fuel (including coal-derived gaseous fuel), other than coal or any other coal-derived solid or liquid fuel, for the remaining heat input, if any.
(2) For purposes of part 75 of this chapter, combustion of only fuel oil and gaseous fuels, provided that the unit involved does not meet the definition of gas-fired.


40 CFR § 72.2

Scoping language

The terms used in this part, in parts 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 and 78 of this chapter shall have the meanings set forth in the Act, including sections 302 and 402 of the Act, and in this section as follows:

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