(1) The Secretary, or a designated Departmental official, begins a limitation or termination proceeding, whether a suspension proceeding has begun, by sending the lender or third-party servicer a notice by certified mail with return receipt requested.
(2) The notice -
(i) Informs the lender or servicer of the Secretary's intent to limit or terminate the lender's or servicer's eligibility;
(ii) Describes the consequences of a limitation or termination;
(iii) Identifies the alleged violations on which the proposed limitation or termination is based;
(iv) States the limits which may be imposed, in the case of a limitation proceeding;
(v) States the proposed date the limitation or termination becomes effective, which is at least 20 days after the date of mailing of the notice;
(vi) Informs the lender or servicer that the limitation or termination will not take effect on the proposed date if the Secretary receives, at least five days prior to that date, a request for an oral hearing or written material showing why the limitation or termination should not take effect;
(vii) Asks the lender or servicer to correct voluntarily any alleged violations; and
(viii) Notifies the lender or servicer that the Secretary may collect any amount owed by means of offset against amounts owed to the lender by the Department and other Federal agencies.


34 CFR § 682.706

Scoping language

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