Data collection.

Data collection.
(1) The director of the designated State unit must collect and submit, at a minimum, the following data to the Secretary for inclusion each year in the annual report to Congress under section 13 of the Act:
(i) A copy of the standards used by State reviewing officials for reviewing decisions made by impartial hearing officers under this section.
(ii) The number of mediations held, including the number of mediation agreements reached.
(iii) The number of hearings and reviews sought from impartial hearing officers and State reviewing officials, including the type of complaints and the issues involved.
(iv) The number of hearing officer decisions that were not reviewed by administrative reviewing officials.
(v) The number of hearing decisions that were reviewed by State reviewing officials and, based on these reviews, the number of hearing decisions that were -
(A) Sustained in favor of an applicant or recipient;
(B) Sustained in favor of the designated State unit;
(C) Reversed in whole or in part in favor of the applicant or recipient; and
(D) Reversed in whole or in part in favor of the State unit.
(2) The State unit director also must collect and submit to the Secretary copies of all final decisions issued by impartial hearing officers under paragraph (e) of this section and by State review officials under paragraph (g) of this section.
(3) The confidentiality of records of applicants and recipients maintained by the State unit may not preclude the access of the Secretary to those records for the purposes described in this section.


34 CFR § 361.57

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