Meeting means the deliberations of at least three Commissioners where such deliberations determine or result in the joint conduct or disposition of official Commission business. A deliberation conducted through telephone or similar communications equipment in which all persons participating can hear each other shall be considered a meeting. For the purposes of this section, joint conduct does not include situations where the requisite number of members is physically present in one place but not conducting agency business as a body. In addition, the term meeting does not include a process of notation voting by circulated memorandum for the purpose of expediting consideration of official Commission business. The term meeting also does not include deliberations on whether to:
(1) Schedule a meeting;
(2) Hold a meeting with less than seven days notice, as provided in § 9407.4(e);
(3) Change the subject matter of a publicly announced meeting or the determination of the Commission to open or close a meeting or portions of a meeting to public observation, as provided in § 9407.4(f);
(4) Change the time or place of an announced meeting, as provided in § 9407.4(g);
(5) Close a meeting or portions of a meeting, as provided in § 9407.5; or
(6) Withhold from disclosure information pertaining to a meeting or portions of a meeting, as provided in § 9407.5.


11 CFR § 9407.2

Scoping language

As used in this part, the term -

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