Combined eligibility notice

Combined eligibility notice means an eligibility notice that informs an individual, or multiple family members of a household of eligibility for each of the insurance affordability programs and enrollment in a qualified health plan through the Exchange, for which a determination or denial of eligibility was made, as well as any right to request a review, fair hearing or appeal related to the determination made for each program. A combined notice must meet the requirements of 457.340 and contain the content described in 457.340(e)(1), except that information described in 457.340(e)(1)(i)(C) may be provided in a combined notice issued by another insurance affordability program or in a supplemental notice provided by the State. A combined eligibility notice must be issued in accordance with the agreement(s) consummated by the State in accordance with 457.348(a).


42 CFR § 457.10

Scoping language

For purposes of this part the following definitions apply:

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