General service fluorescent lamp

General service fluorescent lamp means any fluorescent lamp which can be used to satisfy the majority of fluorescent lighting applications, but does not include any lamp designed and marketed for the following nongeneral application:
(1) Fluorescent lamps designed to promote plant growth;
(2) Fluorescent lamps specifically designed for cold temperature applications;
(3) Colored fluorescent lamps;
(4) Impact-resistant fluorescent lamps;
(5) Reflectorized or aperture lamps;
(6) Fluorescent lamps designed for use in reprographic equipment;
(7) Lamps primarily designed to produce radiation in the ultra-violet region of the spectrum; and
(8) Lamps with a Color Rendering Index of 87 or greater.


10 CFR § 430.2

Scoping language

For purposes of this part, words shall be defined as provided for in section 321 of the Act and as follows -

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