Interest and penalties

Interest and penalties -
(1) In general. If a redetermination of U.S. tax liability is required by reason of a foreign tax redetermination, interest is computed on the underpayment or overpayment in accordance with sections 6601 and 6611. No interest is assessed or collected on any underpayment resulting from a refund of foreign income taxes for any period before the receipt of the refund, except to the extent interest was paid by the foreign country or possession of the United States on the refund for the period before the receipt of the refund. See section 905(c)(5). In no case, however, will interest assessed and collected pursuant to the preceding sentence for any period before receipt of the refund exceed the amount that otherwise would have been assessed and collected under section 6601 for that period. Interest is assessed from the time the taxpayer (or the foreign corporation, partnership, trust, or other pass-through entity of which the taxpayer is a shareholder, partner, or beneficiary) receives a refund until the taxpayer pays the additional tax due the United States.
(2) Imposition of penalty. Failure to comply with the provisions of this section subjects the taxpayer to the penalty provisions of section 6689 and § 301.6689-1 of this chapter.
(f) Applicability date. This section applies to foreign tax redeterminations (as defined in § 1.905-3(a)) occurring in taxable years ending on or after December 16, 2019, and to foreign tax redeterminations of foreign corporations occurring in taxable years that end with or within a taxable year of a United States shareholder ending on or after December 16, 2019.


26 CFR § 1.905-4

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