Test fluids.

S14. Test fluids. The five test fluids used in the chemical resistance test include:
(a) ASTM Reference Fuel C, which is composed of Isooctane 50% volume and Toluene 50% volume. Isooctane must conform to A2.7 in the ASTM Motor Fuels section (incorporated by reference, see § 571.5), and Toluene must conform to ASTM D362-84 (incorporated by reference, see § 571.5). ASTM Reference Fuel C must be used as specified in: Paragraph A2.3.2 and A2.3.3 of the ASTM Motor Fuels section (incorporated by reference, see § 571.5); and OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.106 - Handling Storage and Use of Flammable Combustible Liquids;
(b) Tar remover (consisting by volume of 45% xylene and 55% petroleum base mineral spirits);
(c) Power steering fluid (as specified by the vehicle manufacturer for use in the motor vehicle on which the headlamp is intended to be installed);
(d) Windshield washer fluid consisting of 0.5% monoethanolamine with the remainder 50% concentration of methanol/distilled water by volume; and
(e) Antifreeze (50% concentration of ethylene glycol/distilled water by volume).


49 CFR § 571.108

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