Making local deliveries

Making local deliveries includes the activities customarily and regularly performed in the physical transfer, to customers of a business establishment situated within the rural or urban community or metropolitan area in which the establishment is located, of goods sold or otherwise disposed of to such local customers by such establishment. Included are activities performed by the driver or driver's helpers as an incident to or in conjunction with making such deliveries, such as picking up and returning the delivery vehicle at the beginning and end of the workday, cleaning the vehicle, checking it to see that it is in operating condition, loading and unloading or assisting in loading or unloading the goods, and picking up empty containers or other goods from customers for return to the establishment. Not included in the making of local deliveries are such transportation as the carriage of passengers; the transportation of any load of goods that would normally require a round trip longer than a single workday for delivery and return to the starting point; any movement of goods which does not accomplish a transfer of possession from one person to another; transportation of goods as a part of a process of production; and transportation of goods within a local community or metropolitan area as an integral part of a carriage of such goods from a point outside such community or area to a destination within it, rather than as a part of the activities customarily performed in making local deliveries, as defined in this section, in the same manner as deliveries of goods held locally for local disposition.


29 CFR § 551.8

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