(i) Deny jurisdiction over the specific item under appeal, based on (in whole or in part) the absence, in the final contractor or Secretary determination under appeal, of an adjustment, revision, correction, or other change to the specific item under appeal, or the lack of a particular determination by the contractor or the Secretary regarding the specific item. Exception: If the provider's appeal of the specific item is based on a reopening of such item (pursuant to 405.1885) where the specific item is not revised, adjusted, corrected, or otherwise changed in a revised final contractor or Secretary determination, the contractor must deny jurisdiction over the specific item under appeal (as prescribed in 405.1887(d) and 405.1889(b));


42 CFR § 405.1832

Scoping language

General. In order to receive or potentially qualify for reimbursement for a specific item, the provider must include in its cost report an appropriate claim for the specific item (as prescribed in 413.24(j) of this chapter). If the provider files an appeal to the contractor seeking reimbursement for a specific item and any party to such appeal questions whether the provider's cost report included an appropriate claim for the specific item, the contractor hearing officer(s) must address such questions in accordance with the procedures set forth in this section.

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