Egg means the shell egg of the domesticated chicken, turkey, duck, goose, or guinea. Some of the terms applicable to shell eggs are as follows:
(a) Check means an egg that has a broken shell or crack in the shell but has its shell membranes intact and contents not leaking.
(b) Clean and sound shell egg means any egg whose shell is free of adhering dirt or foreign material and is not cracked or broken.
(c) Dirty egg or Dirt means an egg that has a shell that is unbroken and has adhering dirt or foreign material.
(d) Incubator reject means an egg that has been subjected to incubation and has been removed from incubation during the hatching operations as infertile or otherwise unhatchable.
(e) Inedible means eggs of the following descriptions: Black rots, yellow rots, white rots, mixed rots, sour eggs, eggs with green whites, eggs with stuck yolks, moldy eggs, musty eggs, eggs showing blood rings, and eggs containing embryo chicks (at or beyond the blood ring stage).
(f) Leaker means an egg that has a crack or break in the shell and shell membranes to the extent that the egg contents are exposed or are exuding or free to exude through the shell.
(g) Loss means an egg that is unfit for human food because it is smashed or broken so that its contents are leaking; or overheated, frozen, or contaminated; or an incubator reject; or because it contains a bloody white, large meat spots, a large quantity of blood, or other foreign material.
(h) Restricted egg means any check, dirty egg, incubator reject, inedible, leaker, or loss.


9 CFR § 590.5

Scoping language

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