Emergency means any occurrence or circumstance that, in the opinion of the governing board of a registered entity, or a person or persons duly authorized to issue such an opinion on behalf of the governing board of a registered entity under circumstances and pursuant to procedures that are specified by rule, requires immediate action and threatens or may threaten such things as the fair and orderly trading in, or the liquidation of or delivery pursuant to, any agreements, contracts, swaps or transactions or the timely collection and payment of funds in connection with clearing and settlement by a derivatives clearing organization, including:
(1) Any manipulative or attempted manipulative activity;
(2) Any actual, attempted, or threatened corner, squeeze, congestion, or undue concentration of positions;
(3) Any circumstances which may materially affect the performance of agreements, contracts, swaps or transactions, including failure of the payment system or the bankruptcy or insolvency of any participant;
(4) Any action taken by any governmental body, or any other registered entity, board of trade, market or facility which may have a direct impact on trading or clearing and settlement; and
(5) Any other circumstance which may have a severe, adverse effect upon the functioning of a registered entity.


17 CFR § 40.1

Scoping language

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