Program income

Program income means interest earned on proceeds from the sale of donated commodities, as well as funds received by a recipient or subrecipient as a direct result of carrying out an approved activity under an agreement. The term includes but is not limited to income from fees for services performed, the use or rental of real or personal property acquired under a Federal award, the sale of items fabricated under a Federal award, license fees and royalties on patents and copyrights, and principal and interest on loans made with Federal award funds. Program income does not include proceeds from the sale of donated commodities; CCC-provided funds or interest earned on such funds; or funds provided for cost sharing or matching contributions, refunds or rebates, credits, discounts, or interest earned on any of them.


7 CFR § 1499.2

Scoping language

These are definitions for terms used in this part. The definitions in 2 CFR part 200, as supplemented in 2 CFR part 400, are also applicable to this part, with the exception that, if a term that is defined in this section is defined differently in 2 CFR part 200 or part 400, the definition in this section will apply to such term as used in this part.

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