Negative action or finding

Negative action or finding by a Federal or State licensing or certification authority, peer review organization, or private accreditation entity means:
(1) A final determination of denial or termination of an accreditation status from a private accreditation entity that indicates a risk to the safety of a patient(s) or quality of health care services;
(2) Any recommendation by a peer review organization to sanction a health care practitioner; or
(3) Any negative action or finding that, under the state's law, is publicly available information and is rendered by a licensing or certification authority, including but not limited to, limitations on the scope of practice, liquidations, injunctions, and forfeitures. This definition also includes final adverse actions rendered by a Federal or state licensing or certification authority, such as exclusions, revocations, or suspension of license or certification, that occur in conjunction with settlements in which no finding of liability has been made (although such a settlement itself is not reportable under the statute). This definition excludes administrative fines or citations and corrective action plans and other personnel actions, unless they are:
(i) Connected to the delivery of health care services; or
(ii) Taken in conjunction with other adverse licensure or certification actions such as revocation, suspension, censure, reprimand, probation, or surrender.


45 CFR § 60.3

Scoping language

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