Annotation means an official footnote to the listing of a species in the CITES Appendices. A reference annotation provides information that further explains the listing (such as p.e. for possibly extinct). A substantive annotation is an integral part of a species listing. It designates whether the listing includes or excludes a geographically separate population, subspecies, species, group of species, or higher taxon, and the types of specimens included in or excluded from the listing, such as certain parts, products, or derivatives. A substantive annotation may designate export quotas adopted by the CoP. For species transferred from Appendix I to II subject to an annotation relating to specified types of specimens, other types of specimens that are not specifically included in the annotation are treated as if they are Appendix-I specimens.


50 CFR § 23.5

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions contained in part 10 of this subchapter, and unless the context otherwise requires, in this part:

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