Trading desk

Trading desk means, with respect to a counterparty, the smallest discrete unit of organization of the participant that purchases or sells security-based swaps for the account of the participant or an affiliate thereof.
(ll) Trading desk ID means the UIC assigned to the trading desk of a participant.
(mm) Transaction ID means the UIC assigned to a specific security-based swap transaction.
(nn) Transitional security-based swap means a security-based swap executed on or after July 21, 2010, and before the first date on which trade-by-trade reporting of security-based swaps in that asset class to a registered security-based swap data repository is required pursuant to §§ 242.900 through 242.909.
(oo) Ultimate parent means a legal person that controls a participant and that itself has no parent.
(pp) Ultimate parent ID means the UIC assigned to an ultimate parent of a participant.
(qq) Unique Identification Code or UIC means a unique identification code assigned to a person, unit of a person, product, or transaction.
(rr) United States has the same meaning as in § 240.3a71-3(a)(5) of this chapter.
(ss) U.S. person has the same meaning as in § 240.3a71-3(a)(4) of this chapter.
(tt) Widely accessible, as used in paragraph (cc) of this section, means widely available to users of the information on a non-fee basis.


17 CFR § 242.900

Scoping language

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