Records (and any other term used in this section in reference to information) include any information that would be an agency record subject to the requirements of this section when maintained by the Agency in any format, including an electronic format. Records also include any handwritten, typed or printed documents (such as memoranda, books, brochures, studies, writings, drafts, letters, transcripts, and minutes) and documentary material in other forms (such as punchcards, magnetic tapes, cards, or discs; paper tapes; audio or video recordings, maps, photographs, slides, microfilm, and motion pictures). It does not include objects or articles such as exhibits, models, equipment, and duplication machines or audiovisual processing materials. Reports does not include books, magazines, pamphlets, or other reference material in formally organized and officially designated BBG libraries, where such materials are available under the rules of the particular library.


22 CFR § 503.1

Scoping language

Introduction. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and this part apply to all records of The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). As a general policy BBG follows a balanced approach in administering the FOIA. We recognize the right of public access to information in the Agency's possession, but we also seek to protect the integrity of the Agency's internal processes. This policy calls for the fullest possible disclosure of records consistent with those requirements of administrative necessity and confidentiality which are recognized by the FOIA.

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