Landfill wastewater

Landfill wastewater means all wastewater associated with, or produced by, landfilling activities except for sanitary wastewater, non-contaminated storm water, contaminated ground water, and wastewater from recovery pumping wells. Landfill wastewater includes, but is not limited to, leachate, gas collection condensate, drained free liquids, laboratory derived wastewater, contaminated storm water and contact washwater from washing truck, equipment, and railcar exteriors and surface areas which have come in direct contact with solid waste at the landfill facility.


40 CFR § 445.2

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions set forth in 40 CFR 122.2, 257.2, 258.2, 264.10, 265.10, 401.11, and 403.3 the following definitions apply to this part:

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