Reclamation means taking measures required by this subpart following disturbance of public lands caused by operations to meet applicable performance standards and achieve conditions required by BLM at the conclusion of operations. For a definition of reclamation applicable to operations conducted under the mining laws on Stock Raising Homestead Act lands, see part 3810, subpart 3814 of this title. Components of reclamation include, where applicable:
(1) Isolation, control, or removal of acid-forming, toxic, or deleterious substances;
(2) Regrading and reshaping to conform with adjacent landforms, facilitate revegetation, control drainage, and minimize erosion;
(3) Rehabilitation of fisheries or wildlife habitat;
(4) Placement of growth medium and establishment of self-sustaining revegetation;
(5) Removal or stabilization of buildings, structures, or other support facilities;
(6) Plugging of drill holes and closure of underground workings; and
(7) Providing for post-mining monitoring, maintenance, or treatment.


43 CFR § 3809.5

Scoping language

As used in this subpart, the term:

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