Educational expenses

Educational expenses at a Title IV institution of higher education. The term educational expenses means -
(1) Cost of attendance as determined by the institution; or
(2) Other costs at a title IV institution of higher education attributable to a non-title IV educational course as follows:
(i) Tuition and fees normally assessed a student for a course or program of study by the institution, including costs for rental or purchase of any books or supplies required of all students in the same course of study;
(ii) For a student engaged in a course of study by correspondence, only tuition and fees and, if required, books, and supplies;
(iii) For a student with a disability, an allowance (as determined by the institution) for those expenses related to the student's disability, including special services, personal assistance, transportation, equipment, and supplies that are reasonably incurred and not provided for by other assisting agencies; and
(iv) For a student engaged in a work experience under a cooperative education program or course, an allowance for reasonable costs associated with such employment (as determined by the institution).


45 CFR § 2525.20

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions in 2510.20 of this chapter, the following definitions apply to terms used in parts 2525 through 2529 of this chapter:

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