Contract means a written obligation of the Principal, including an Order, requiring the furnishing of services, supplies, labor, materials, machinery, equipment, or construction. A Contract must not prohibit a Surety from performing the Contract upon default of the Principal. A contract does not include a permit, subdivision contract, lease, land contract, evidence of debt, financial guarantee (e.g., a contract requiring any payment by the Principal to the Obligee, except for contracts in connection with bid and performance bonds for the sale of timber and/or other forest products, such as biomass, that require the Principal to pay the Obligee), warranty of performance or efficiency, warranty of fidelity, or release of lien (other than for claims under a guaranteed bond). It includes a maintenance agreement of 2 years or less which covers defective workmanship or materials only. With SBA's written approval, it can also include a longer maintenance agreement covering defective workmanship or materials, or a maintenance agreement covering something other than defective workmanship or materials. To qualify for such approval, the agreement must be ancillary to the Contract for which SBA is guaranteeing a bond, must be required to be performed by the same Principal, and must be customarily required in the relevant trade or industry.


13 CFR § 115.10

Scoping language

Affiliate is defined in 121.301 of this chapter.

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