Election for applicable facilities.

(4) Election for applicable facilities. In the case of an applicable facility, for any taxable year during which such facility captures not less than 500,000 metric tons of qualified carbon oxide, the taxpayer described in section 45Q(f)(3)(A)(ii) and 1.45Q-1(h)(1)(ii) (that is, the person that owns the carbon capture equipment and physically or contractually ensures the capture and disposal, injection or utilization of such qualified carbon oxide), may elect to have such facility, and any carbon capture equipment placed in service at such facility, deemed as having been placed in service on February 9, 2018 (section 45Q(f)(6) election). For purposes of whether a facility satisfies the 500,000 metric ton qualified carbon oxide capture threshold, a taxpayer may apply the rules of section 8.01 of Notice 2020-12 to treat multiple facilities as a single facility.


26 CFR § 1.45Q-2

Scoping language

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