Owner. A holder of a legal title or an equitable interest in certain property. Specific examples include:
(1) For real property. The mortgagor, and the mortgagee if that individual can maintain a cause of action in the local courts involving a tort to that specific property.
(2) For personal property. A bailee, lessee, mortgagee and a conditional vendee. A mortgagor, conditional vendor, title loan company or someone else other than the owner, who has the title for purposes of security are not owners.
(h) HQ PACAF. Headquarters, Pacific Air Forces, Hickam AFB, HI 96853-5001.
(i) Personal injury. The term “personal injury” includes both bodily injury and death.
(j) Property damage. Damage to, loss of, or destruction of real or personal property.
(k) Settle. To consider and pay, or deny a claim in full or in part.
(l) Single Base General Court-Martial Jurisdiction (GCM). For claims purposes, a base legal office serving the commander who exercises GCM authority over that base, or that base and other bases.
(m) Subrogation. The act of assuming the legal rights of another after paying a claim or debt, for example, an insurance company (subrogee) paying its insured's (subrogor's) claim, thereby assuming the insured's right of recovery.
(n) HQ USAFE. Headquarters, United States Air Forces in Europe, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, APO NY 09012-5001.


32 CFR § 842.2

Scoping language

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