Arm's-length contracts.

Arm's-length contracts.
(1) For washing costs incurred by a lessee pursuant to an arm's-length contract, the washing allowance shall be the reasonable actual costs incurred by the lessee for washing the coal under that contract, subject to monitoring, review, audit, and possible future adjustment. ONRR's prior approval is not required before a lessee may deduct costs incurred under an arm's-length contract. However, before any deduction may be taken, the lessee must submit a completed page one of form ONRR-4292, Coal Washing Allowance Report, in accordance with paragraph (c)(1) of this section. A washing allowance may be claimed retroactively for a period of not more than 3 months prior to the first day of the month that form ONRR-4292 is filed with ONRR, unless ONRR approves a longer period upon a showing of good cause by the lessee.
(2) In conducting reviews and audits, ONRR will examine whether the contract reflects more than the consideration actually transferred either directly or indirectly from the lessee to the washer for the washing. If the contract reflects more than the total consideration paid, then ONRR may require that the washing allowance be determined in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section.
(3) If ONRR determines that the consideration paid pursuant to an arm's-length washing contract does not reflect the reasonable value of the washing because of misconduct by or between the contracting parties, or because the lessee otherwise has breached its duty to the lessor to market the production for the mutual benefit of the lessee and the lessor, then ONRR shall require that the washing allowance be determined in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section. When ONRR determines that the value of the washing may be unreasonable, ONRR will notify the lessee and give the lessee an opportunity to provide written information justifying the lessee's washing costs.
(4) Where the lessee's payments for washing under an arm's-length contract are not based on a dollar-per-unit basis, the lessee shall convert whatever consideration is paid to a dollar value equivalent. Washing allowances shall be expressed as a cost per ton of coal washed.


30 CFR § 1206.458

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