Contractor performance review reports.

Contractor performance review reports. Upon request in writing, official contractor performance review reports and other formal evaluations (including followup reviews), excluding references to internal tolerance rules and practices contained therein, internal working papers or other informal memoranda, prepared and completed after January 31, 1973, which relate to the evaluation of the performance of (1) intermediaries and carriers under their agreements entered into pursuant to sections 1816 and 1842 of the Social Security Act and (2) State agencies under their agreements entered into pursuant to section 1864 of the Act (including comparative evaluations of the performance of those intermediaries, carriers, and State agencies). The latest Contract Performance Review Report pertaining to a particular intermediary or carrier, prepared prior to February 1, 1973, may also be disclosed to any person upon request in writing. Those reports and evaluations shall be disclosed within 30 days following their final preparation by CMS (or 30 days following the request therefor, in the case of the contract performance review report prepared prior to February 1, 1973), during which time those intermediaries, carriers, and State agencies, as the case may be, shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to offer comments, and there shall be disclosed with those reports and evaluations any pertinent written statements furnished CMS by those intermediaries, carriers, on State agencies or those reports and evaluations.


42 CFR § 401.133

Scoping language

Except as otherwise provided for in 488.325 of this chapter for SNFs, the following must be made available to the public under the conditions specified:

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