Review by the Regional Administrator.

Review by the Regional Administrator. An appellate officer's decision is subject to review by the Regional Administrator, as provided in this paragraph (o).
(1) The Regional Administrator may affirm, reverse, modify, or remand the appellate officer's decision before the 30-day effective date of the decision provided in paragraph (k) of this section.
(2) The Regional Administrator may take any of these actions on or after the 30-day effective date by issuing a stay of the decision before the 30-day effective date. An action taken under paragraph (o)(1) of this section takes effect immediately.
(3) The Regional Administrator must provide a written explanation why an appellate officer's decision has been reversed, modified, or remanded.
(4) The Regional Administrator must promptly notify the appellant(s) of any action taken under this paragraph (o).
(5) The Regional Administrator's decision to affirm, reverse, or modify an appellate officer's decision is a final agency action for purposes of judicial review.


50 CFR § 679.43

Scoping language

General. This section describes the procedure for appealing initial administrative determinations made in this title under parts 300, 679, 680, and subpart E of part 300 of this chapter.

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