Planted acreage.

Planted acreage. In addition to the definition in section 1 of the Basic Provisions, land on which there is uniform placement of an adequate amount of rice seed into a prepared seedbed by one of the following methods (Acreage seeded in any other manner will not be insurable unless otherwise provided by the Special Provisions or by written agreement):
(a) Drill seeding - Using a grain drill to incorporate the seed to a proper soil depth;
(b) Broadcast seeding - Distributing seed evenly onto the surface of an un-flooded seedbed followed by either timely mechanical incorporation of the seed to a proper soil depth in the seedbed or flushing the seedbed with water; or
(c) Broadcast seeding into a controlled flood - Distributing the rice seed onto a prepared seedbed that has been intentionally covered to a proper depth by water. The water must be free of movement and be completely contained on the acreage by properly constructed levees and gates.


7 CFR § 457.141

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