Desiccant means a material used in solid-bed dehydrators to remove water from raw natural gas by adsorption or absorption. Desiccants include activated alumina, pelletized calcium chloride, lithium chloride and granular silica gel material. Wet natural gas is passed through a bed of the granular or pelletized solid adsorbent or absorbent in these dehydrators. As the wet gas contacts the surface of the particles of desiccant material, water is adsorbed on the surface or absorbed and dissolves the surface of these desiccant particles. Passing through the entire desiccant bed, almost all of the water is adsorbed onto or absorbed into the desiccant material, leaving the dry gas to exit the contactor.


40 CFR § 98.6

Scoping language

All terms used in this part shall have the same meaning given in the Clean Air Act and in this section.

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