Foreign entity

Foreign entity means a member of a controlled group that -
(1) Is not a contributing sponsor of a plan;
(2) Is not organized under the laws of (or, if an individual, is not a domiciliary of) any state (as defined in section 3(10) of ERISA); and
(3) For the fiscal year that includes the information year, meets one of the following tests -
(i) Is not required to file any United States Federal income tax form;
(ii) Has no income reportable on any United States Federal income tax form other than passive income not exceeding $1,000; or
(iii) Does not own substantial assets in the United States (disregarding stock of a member of the plan's controlled group) and is not required to file any quarterly United States income tax returns for employee withholding.


29 CFR § 4010.2

Scoping language

The following terms are defined in 4001.2 of this chapter: benefit liabilities, Code, contributing sponsor, controlled group, earliest retirement age at valuation date, ERISA, expected retirement age (XRA), fair market value, IRS, PBGC, person, plan, plan year, unreduced retirement age (URA), ultimate parent, and U.S. entity.

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