Computerized support enforcement system

Computerized support enforcement system means a comprehensive, statewide system or an alternative system configuration which encompasses all political subdivisions within the State and which effectively and efficiently;
(1) Introduces, processes, accounts for and monitors data used by the Child Support Enforcement program in carrying out activities under the State plan; and
(2) Produces utilization and management information about support enforcement services as required by the State IV-D agency and Federal government for program administration and audit purposes.
(i) Planning means: (1) The preliminary project activity to determine the requirements necessitating the project, the activities to be undertaken, and the resources required to complete the project;
(2) The preparation of an APD;
(3) The preparation of a detailed project plan describing when and how the computer system will be designed or transferred and adapted; and
(4) The preparation of a detailed implementation plan describing specific training, testing, and conversion plans to install the computer system.


45 CFR § 307.1

Scoping language

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