Acting in concert

Acting in concert means: (1) Knowing participation in a joint activity or interdependent conscious parallel action towards a common goal whether or not pursuant to an express agreement, or
(2) A combination or pooling of voting or other interests in the securities of an issuer for a common purpose pursuant to any contract, understanding, relationship, agreement or other arrangement, whether written or otherwise.
(3) A person or company which acts in concert with another person or company (“other party”) shall also be deemed to be acting in concert with any person or company who is also acting in concert with that other party, except that any tax-qualified employee stock benefit plan as defined in § 563b.25 of this chapter will not be deemed to be acting in concert with its trustee or a person who serves in a similar capacity solely for the purpose of determining whether stock held by the trustee and stock held by the plan will be aggregated.


12 CFR § 574.2

Scoping language

As used in this part and in the forms under this part, the following definitions apply, unless the context otherwise requires:

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