Brake power units.

S5.1.3.3 Brake power units. The service brakes of a vehicle equipped with one or more brake power units with an accumulator-type reserve system, with any one failure in any one unit shall be capable of stopping the vehicle from 60 mph -
(a) In 10 consecutive stops at an average deceleration for each stop that is not lower than that specified in column II of table III, when the unit is not initially depleted of all reserve capability; and
(b) In a final stop, at an average deceleration that is not lower than 7 FPSPS for passenger cars (equivalent stopping distance 554 feet) or 6 FPSPS for vehicles other than passenger cars (equivalent stopping distance 646 feet), as applicable, when the inoperative unit is depleted of all reserve capacity.


49 CFR § 571.105

Scoping language

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