Worker exposure and environmental release.

Worker exposure and environmental release.
(1) For sites controlled by the submitter:
(1) For sites controlled by the submitter:
(i) The identity of sites where the new microorganism will be manufactured, processed, or used. For purposes of this section, the site for a person who imports a new microorganism is the site of the operating unit within the person's organization which is directly responsible for importing the new microorganism and which controls the import transaction. The import site may in some cases be the organization's headquarters office in the United States.
(ii) A process description of each manufacture, processing, and use operation, which includes a diagram of the major unit operations and conversions, the identity and entry point of all feedstocks, and the identity of any possible points of release of the new microorganism from the process, including a description of all controls, including engineering controls, used to prevent such releases.
(iii) Worker exposure information, including worker activities, physical form of process streams which contain the new microorganism to which workers may be exposed, the number of workers, and the duration of activities.
(iv) Information on release of the new microorganism to the environment, including the quantity and media of release and type of control technology used.
(v) A narrative description of the intended transport of the new microorganism, including the means of transport, containment methods to be used during transport, and emergency containment procedures to be followed in case of accidental release.
(vi) Procedures for disposal of any articles, waste, clothing, or other equipment involved in the activity, including procedures for inactivation of the new microorganism, containment, disinfection, and disposal of contaminated items.
(2) For sites not controlled by the submitter, a description of each type of processing and use operation involving the new microorganism, including identification of the estimated number of processing or use sites, situations in which worker exposure to and/or environmental release of the new microorganism will occur, the number of workers exposed and the duration of exposure; procedures for transport of the new microorganism and for disposal, including procedures for inactivation of the new microorganism; and control measures which limit worker exposure and environmental release.


40 CFR § 725.155

Scoping language

Each person who is required by this part to submit a MCAN must include the information specified in paragraphs (c) through (h) of this section, to the extent it is known to or reasonably ascertainable by that person. However, no person is required to include information which relates solely to exposure of humans or ecological populations outside of the United States.

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