Gain or loss.

Gain or loss. The amount of gain or loss arising from the disposition of the U.S. real property interest shall be determined as provided in section 1001 (a) and (b). Such gain or loss shall be subject to the provisions of section 897 (a) and (b), unless a nonrecognition provision is applicable pursuant to section 897 (d) or (e) and regulations thereunder. Amounts otherwise treated for Federal income tax purposes as principal and interest payments on debt obligations of all kinds (including obligations that are interests other than solely as a creditor) do not give rise to gain or loss that is subject to section 897(a). However, principal payments on installment obligations described in 1.8971(d)(2)(ii)(A) and 1.8971(d)(3)(ii)(A) do give rise to gain or loss that is subject to section 897(a), to the extent such gain or loss is required to be recognized pursuant to section 453. The rules of paragraphs (g) and (h) are illustrated by the following examples.
(i) Related person. For purposes of sections 897, 1445, and 6039C, persons are considered to be related if they are partners or partnerships described in section 707(b)(1) of the Code or if they are related within the meaning of section 267 (b) and (c) of the Code (except that section 267(f) shall apply without regard to section 1563(b)(2)).
(j) Domestic corporation. The term “domestic corporation” has the same meaning as set forth in section 7701(a) (3) and (4) and § 301.7701–5. For purposes of sections 897 and 6039C, it also includes a foreign corporation with respect to which an election under section 897(i) and § 1.897–3 or section 897(k) and § 1.897–4 to be treated as domestic corporation is in effect.
(k) [Reserved]


26 CFR § 1.897-1

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