MLTS notification.

MLTS notification. An MLTS feature that can send notice to a central location at the facility where the system is installed or to another person or organization regardless of location. Examples of notification include conspicuous on-screen messages with audible alarms for security desk computers using a client application, text messages for smartphones, and email for administrators. Notification shall include, at a minimum, the following information:
(1) The fact that a 911 call has been made;
(2) A valid callback number; and
(3) The information about the caller's location that the MLTS conveys to the public safety answering point (PSAP) with the call to 911; provided, however, that the notification does not have to include a callback number or location information if it is technically infeasible to provide this information.


47 CFR § 9.3

Scoping language

Terms with definitions including the (RR) designation are defined in the same way in 2.1 of this chapter and in the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union.

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