Debt means:
(1) An amount owed to the United States from sources including, but not limited to, insured or guaranteed loans, fees, leases, insurance premiums, interest (except where prohibited by law), rents, royalties, services, sale of real or personal property, overpayments, penalties, damages, fines and forfeitures (except those arising under the Uniform Code of Military Justice).
(2) An amount owed to the United States by an employee for pecuniary losses where the employee has been determined to be liable because of such employee's negligent, willful, unauthorized or illegal acts, including but not limited to:
(i) Theft, misuse, or loss of Government funds;
(ii) False claims for services and travel reimbursement;
(iii) Illegal, unauthorized obligations and expenditures of Government appropriations;
(iv) Using or authorizing the use of Government owned or leased equipment, facilities, supplies and services for other than official or approved purposes;
(v) Lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed Government property;
(vi) Erroneous entries on accounting records or reports; and
(vii) Deliberate failure to provide physical security and control procedures for accountable officers, if such failure is determined to be the proximate cause for a loss of Government funds.


7 CFR § 400.128

Scoping language

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