Blast area

Blast area means the area in which concussion (shock wave), flying material, or gases from an explosion may cause injury to persons. In determining the blast area, the following factors shall be considered:
(1) Geology or material to be blasted.
(2) Blast pattern.
(3) Burden, depth, diameter, and angle of the holes.
(4) Blasting experience of the mine.
(5) Delay system, powder factor, and pounds per delay.
(6) Type and amount of explosive material.
(7) Type and amount of stemming.


30 CFR § 56.2

Scoping language

The following definitions apply in this part. In addition definitions contained in any subpart of part 56 apply in that subpart. If inconsistent with the general definitions in this section, the definition in the subpart will apply in that subpart:

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