Breach of contract.

Breach of contract.
(1) Any deviation from contract requirements, including a failure to comply with governmental agency or licensing organization requirements, constitutes a breach of contract.
(2) In the event a contract supplier breaches its contract, CMS may take one or more of the following actions, which will be specified in the notice of breach of contract:
(i) Suspend the contract supplier's contract;
(ii) Terminate the contract;
(iii) Preclude the contract supplier from participating in the competitive bidding program; or
(iv) Avail itself of other remedies allowed by law.


42 CFR § 414.422

Scoping language

Basic rule. CMS specifies the terms and conditions of the contracts entered into with contract suppliers under this subpart. A contract supplier must comply with all terms of its contract, including any option exercised by CMS, for the full duration of the contract period.

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