Cognizance is the area over which a CSA has operational oversight. Normally, a statute or executive order establishes a CSA's cognizance over certain types of information, programs, or non-CSA agencies, although CSAs may also have cognizance through an agreement with another CSA or non-CSA agency or an entity. A CSA may have cognizance over a particular type(s) of classified information based on specific authorities (such as those listed in 2004.1(c)), and a CSA may have cognizance over certain agencies or cross-agency programs (such as DoD's cognizance over non-CSA agencies as the EA for NISP, or ODNI's oversight (if applicable) of all intelligence community elements within the executive branch). Entities fall under a CSA's cognizance when they enter or compete to enter contracts or agreements to access classified information under the CSA's cognizance, including when they enter or compete to enter such contracts or agreements with a non-CSA agency or another entity under the CSA's cognizance.


32 CFR § 2004.4

Scoping language

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