Commence construction

Commence construction means, as applied to a new minor stationary source or minor modification at an existing stationary source subject to this subpart, that the owner or operator has all necessary preconstruction approvals or permits and either has:
(i) Begun on-site activities including, but not limited to, installing building supports and foundations, laying underground piping or erecting/installing permanent storage structures. The following preparatory activities are excluded: Engineering and design planning, geotechnical investigation (surface and subsurface explorations), clearing, grading, surveying, ordering of equipment and materials, storing of equipment or setting up temporary trailers to house construction management or staff and contractor personnel; or
(ii) Entered into binding agreements or contractual obligations, which cannot be cancelled or modified without substantial loss to the owner or operator, to undertake a program of actual construction of the source to be completed within a reasonable time.


40 CFR § 49.152

Scoping language

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