Applicable Statutory Limit

Applicable Statutory Limit means the maximum amount, set forth below, of any Contract or Order for which SBA is authorized to guarantee, or commit to guarantee, a Bid Bond, Payment Bond, Performance Bond, or Ancillary Bond:
(1) $6.5 million (as adjusted for inflation in accordance with 41 U.S.C. 1908);
(2) $10 million if a contracting officer of a Federal agency certifies, in accordance with section 115.12(e)(3), that such guarantee is necessary; or
(3) if SBA is guaranteeing the bond in connection with a procurement related to a major disaster pursuant to section 12079 of Pub. L. 110-246, see section 115.12(e)(4).


13 CFR § 115.10

Scoping language

Affiliate is defined in 121.301 of this chapter.

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