References to Plan or Distribution.

(ii) References to Plan or Distribution. Except as otherwise provided in this section, references to a Plan in this section are references to a plan within the meaning of 1.355-7. References to a distribution in 1.355-7 include a reference to a Distribution and other related pre-Distribution transactions that together effect a division of the assets of a Predecessor of Distributing. In determining whether a Distribution and a Planned 50-percent Acquisition of a Predecessor of Distributing, Distributing (including any Successor thereof), or Controlled (including any Successor thereof) are part of a Plan, the rules of 1.355-7 apply. In applying those rules, references to Distributing or Controlled in 1.355-7 generally include references to any Predecessor of Distributing and any Successor of Distributing, or any Successor of Controlled, as appropriate. However, with regard to any possible Planned 50-percent Acquisition of a Predecessor of Distributing, any agreement, understanding, arrangement, or substantial negotiations with regard to the acquisition of the stock of the Predecessor of Distributing is analyzed under 1.355-7 with regard to the actions of officers or directors of Distributing or Controlled, controlling shareholders (as defined in 1.355-7(h)(3)) of Distributing or Controlled, or a person acting with permission of one of those parties. For purposes of the preceding sentence, references in 1.355-7 to Distributing do not include references to a Predecessor of Distributing. Therefore, the actions of officers, directors, or controlling shareholders of a Predecessor of Distributing, or of a person acting with the implicit or explicit permission of one of those parties, are not considered unless those parties otherwise would be treated as acting on behalf of Distributing or Controlled under 1.355-7 (for example, if a Predecessor of Distributing is a controlling shareholder of Distributing).


26 CFR § 1.355-8

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